Saturday, March 12, 2011

day 12...share

I often spend time hopping around from blog to blog, reading and picking up ideas, seeing how other people think and approach life.  It has been a lot of fun to learn this world of blogging, Twitter and Facebook.  When I first posted on Facebook in the not so distant past, I thought it would be a great way to keep in touch with my family.  Brand new to social media, I had no idea what the platform was capable of doing.

As I clicked and read my way around Facebook, and then the blogosphere, I saw something.  People weren't just sharing their own stories, building networks and businesses.  People were sharing the stories of others.  Asking the readers to help with causes.  I began to see the diversity of it all.

One of the first posts I read that impacted my thinking was this one.  I had stumbled across the blog owner on Twitter in my quest to learn what the heck a tweet was.  Then I found this blog, written by a mother who was sharing the daily challenges and tragedy in her life.  And thrown into that mix was this blog whose owner used a Twitter # (hashtag) she had created (#wineparty) to often help support the needs of others.

I was in shock for a bit.  It became apparent that there is a lot more to this blog and Twitter stuff than fluff, or fun and games.  When the need arises and is identified, the blogosphere or twitterworld responds.  Pretty impressive stuff.

And so today I share with you.  That badge above my head to the right is a link to a place.  When you click on it and then text the Red Cross (90999) on your cell phone, they add $10 to your cell phone bill and send that money to the victims of the earthquake/tsunami in Japan.  Pretty painless way to give to a worthy cause isn't it?  Pretty awesome way to share a little bit with those who have lost everything.

So if you can, please share.  And please share this blog post with others so that they might share too.

Pretty powerful word isn't it?

PS...and when you have time, check out those blog links...and share.