Tuesday, December 27, 2011

christmas leftovers

The frenzy is over.  Finally.  Thank Santa's elves that it is all past.  Except for the grandkids and the time we spend together as a family, I don't love Christmas.  I am always glad when the mayhem is over, and peace and quiet reign supreme again.  Why am I like this?

Because I think Christmas as a commercial holiday stinks.  The rushing to shop, parties everywhere with more food than you can gorge an elephant on, and people spending their hard earned money buying gifts for people they barely know.  I dread and dislike it to the point of gagging.  So much so that I refused to go to a couple of functions at work this year.  And threatened my staff about buying me any gifts.  (They did anyway, and I am still wondering how I lost control of that situation.)

This all sounds bitter and whiny doesn't it?  It is, a bit, around the edges.  Because as much as I hate Christmas, there are things I love about Christmas too.  It starts with the grandkids of course.  (Did you think I would say anything different?)  Their naivete, and innocent belief in all things Santa and good, make it fun.  Lighthearted.  And can raise my mood from the depths of despair.

I love the small things.  The favorite old Christmas movies, watching the lights on the tree when I am up late alone, and it is totally quiet.  Opening each day on a computerized Advent calendar a friend sent, and seeing what surprise is in store for that day.  Having a cup of tea with my favorite creamer in it, and having time to just sit and think about the year almost gone, and what it has meant to me.  Those are the things I love at Christmas time.  A chance to think, and really count my blessings for the year.

And this year, I got an extra gift at Christmas.  Some time with my youngest daughter.  Wretch decided to spend a few days with us, and the time we spent together was comforting to me, and I savored every minute.  We laughed together, and watched some movies (the kind of chick flicks Stevie Wonder hates).  We talked, and just relaxed.  It was wonderful, and the best gift she could have given me.

We spent yesterday afternoon painting Christmas ornaments.  It was two days after Christmas, but that is typical of us.  We never do things the way most people do.  That is what I love about us, our family.  And about my life.  We savor the small stuff.

I believe it isn't one season, or holiday, that should be grabbed at and clutched with greedy hands for all that you can get.  It is the small moments in life, the instants that add up to moments of memories that you can look back on and laugh about, or cry about, or just say ahhhh, what a moment that was.

That's the important thing.  Those moments.  The piano part of life.

~cath xo
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  1. I'm betting that the vast majority feel just as you do but then somehow lack the conviction to 'make it so,' to borrow a StarTrek phrase. Small, quiet celebrations seem much more in keeping with how it all began, after all.

  2. I completely agree...hate the spending money, love the spending time :-) I hope you welcome the New Year the same way. Have a lovely time with your family Cath *hugs*

  3. yes - yes .. thinking and counting are what life should be about, sharing and family are pretty high on the list as well. all the best for 2012 - cheers alan

  4. @Thom Brown You are exactly right about that Thom, and that is reinforced with me more forcefully as each year passes by...thanks for the thoughtful comment.

  5. @Joy Page Manuel thanks Joy for your thoughts, and I wish you a happy and blessed New Year!

  6. @tbaoo glad you agree with me Alan, and wishing you a wonderful 2012!