Saturday, December 17, 2011

you are my sunshine...sort of

This time of year, I am usually running behind doing everything.  Daily stuff around the house, shopping, work, you name it and I am behind.  I was given this wonderful little award a few weeks ago by two wonderful people, and since then have been trying to find a spot of time to sit down and respond in a proper manner.

The Sunshine Award...sounds like you would get a warm glowing feeling from it, doesn't it?  I especially need that this year.  I was sick a couple weeks ago, and farther behind than I usually am this time of year.

So I want to thank Joy at Catharsis, and Beckey at My Really, Real Reality for honoring me with this.  Take the time to have a look at their blogs, well worth the minutes out of your day to read.  :D

1. The award requires that I thank them and write a post about it... 

2. Answer a few simple questions...

3. And pass the award to 10-12 bloggers, link their blogs, and let them know I awarded them.

I fulfilled #1, and here is #2:

Favorite color?  Turquoise, absolutely.
Favorite animal?  Dogs and cats.  Man's and woman's best friends.  
Favorite number? It was 2, but I got fried on that one, so now...none.
Favorite drink?  Without any close competition, it is Starbuck's Tazo Chai Latte, a Venti of course. :D
Facebook or Twitter?  Both...I'm an unrepentant social media freak geek. 
Your passion?  Painting, photography and writing.  Oh, and Stevie Wonder too, of course. 
Giving or getting presents?  Giving, hands down.  And heart open.
Favorite day?  It's not a day, but a time of day.  And that time is night.  A time to relax, reflect, and wind down.
Favorite flowers? The ruffled iris a friend gave me and my red amaryllis.  Both are such a welcome sight in spring after the dreary gray days of winter.

 Now for #3.  I am going to do things a bit differently here.  I have won a few wonderful awards this year from fellow bloggers, and I am going to provide the links to those posts here.  Then I am going to ask those of you who are sweet enough to comment, to add a link to YOUR favorite blog.  That way we all win, and gain some new blogs to read and perhaps follow. :D

1. imagine my award!  A list of blogs I love from a group I love belonging to...
2. loving the liebster  more blogs of note...I don't follow a blog frivolously or lightly, and pick are 5 blogs worth checking out...
3. being kreativ part 1...five blogs you might like to check out...and then there is finally
4. being kreativ, la segunda parte  ...because five is good, in fingers and toes, and in blogs too.  So here are five more blogs to sink your teeth into...

I have often found the best blogs are the ones recommended by others, and so I feel that sharing like this is the best way to pass on a variety that is worth a look.  Check a couple of them out, and if you like what you read, please leave a comment.  Writers really do read their feedback...

Thanks again to you two awesome women, Beckey and Joy.  I appreciate the recognition, and thank you so much for choosing me. :D

~cath xo
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