Thursday, December 29, 2011

you're never too old for santa

Here it is, 4 days afterward, and I am still writing about Christmas.  But I got something special in the mail yesterday and wanted to share it.

A couple days before Christmas, I got a text from my sister Vix asking for my son's mailing address.  I texted it back, then forgot about it, although I thought to myself it was a little late for Christmas cards.  Then a couple days ago I was talking to my mum, and she asked if I'd gotten the photo of Vix yet, and I said no.  She cryptically said "just wait", and so I had to...wait.

Yesterday it arrived, along with a letter from Vix.  Here is the photo:

And here is what happened, in her own words:

As I read it, I laughed, and Christmas arrived four days late to my heart.  My goofy, dorky sister with the warped sense of humor I love gave me the best gift I could have gotten from her, the gift of laughter...and of love.

I hope as the year winds down, you take time to enjoy the small stuff.  The best things really do come in small packages.

Sometimes they come in envelopes.

~cath xo
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