Thursday, May 21, 2015

color, day 21 nablopomo

Color, color everywhere I looked today. Some shots were contrived, some spur of the moment.

I finally am getting the hang of bokeh style shots, although I am still not sure I am pronouncing it correctly. But I don't really give a rat's ass at this point as long as I continue to improve.

Taking photos is always a challenge. Like a batter stepping up to the plate, you never know if you will hit, or miss.

Today was a hit for me. I stepped up to the plate, and captured the shots I set out to create.

hummingbird feeder, BOKEH style
Then, as I was wrapping up and preparing to publish this, Wretch showed me her selfie for Red Nose Day.  And suddenly I realized that color can be a trigger for other things than just taking photos.  Red Nose Day supports awareness of children living in poverty, and started in the UK in 1988 to raise awareness of poverty-stricken children living in the UK and Africa, and has spread to the USA this year.

So color can carry significant messages for us. Red, for Red Nose Day...
Wretch does Red Nose Day

Pink...for breast cancer awareness...
Don't forget those mammograms ladies. 

...color me optimistic... ~cath 
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