Tuesday, May 19, 2015

day 19: vintage treasures

Seems a good night to sit back and think about family, memories and smile as I look at the photos I took for today's prompt over at NaBloPoMo.
I took a look at Instagram at the #NaBloPoMo photos posted (I am still red with embarrassment at my failure at the #bokeh prompt a few days ago). App obsessed me figured I would take a photo, then vintage it up and post it. Then I noticed that people were posting some very meaningful photos of vintage things. I realized it was time to get away from app edits, or at least edit something that was TRULY vintage. I looked around the room. The only vintage thing I saw was Stevie Wonder, and I don't think he would have appreciated my humor at posting a pic of him with the hashtag vintage. So I sat down and pondered. I was thinking when my gaze swung around to my corner china cabinet, which is not filled with china because I am a simple girl at heart. It is loaded with things given to me over the years, and also my Grammy and Mum's #Franciscan ware dishes. The reason I love those dishes is because every meal I ate as a child was from either Mum's set, or Grammy's set of apple dishes. So I leaned in, shot the coffee pot (or is it s carafe?) and then of course, being me, edited it with the Camera+ app and am posting it.

You see, for me, vintage doesn't mean old. It means loved. Treasured. And those are the most precious, priceless things of all.

...life is to be treasured... ~cath 
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