Wednesday, May 27, 2015

purrfect portraits 27...prompt is portrait and I'm stumped. I mean, I'm with my daughter today, getting her fifth procedure on her vocal chord, this time to make sure she is still (almost) clear from the vocal chord cancer she'd endured 4 surgeries for. Now we will have to wait for biopsy results. Able to breathe a sigh of relief, I contemplated portrait and what that means to me. 

I considered taking a few shots of Jen as we waited for her to go to surgery, but my mood wasn't right and I'm wasn't feeling it. I wanted something I haven't tried before. So I rejected each family member for various similar reasons. Soon I was almost out of material. We got home from hospital, and I was playing with the new kittens when it hit me:

Portraits don't have to be human. 

Inspired, I grabbed my iPhone and started snapping. I soon realized for every 100 shots I took of these furry moving targets, I might get one usable photo. But I'm loving and living in the moment, and realized I am beginning to gain more control over this medium called iPhoneography. So here are my choices for today, presented for consideration. And totally unretouched. Did I capture the story I was trying to tell? You tell me... is purrrfect... ~cath
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