Tuesday, May 12, 2015

far...day 12

NaBloPoMo day 12: FAR
Don't focus on what is in front of your eyes...look afar. See what lies in the distance. Is it the bend in the road, the railing end on a fence? Chase it as far as you can see.
My eyesight is so poor that many times I am shooting almost blind. I can see major objects, but detail escapes me until I edit. Many times I edit with my glasses off and my face one inch from the screen, so that I can try to see all the details. But I chose to leave these captures a bit out of focus, to capture the essence of distance. The road leads to my home, the fence is a neighbor's fence. The more photos I take, the more I realize there is no place like home. Really.

...life is full of new places to explore... ~cath
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