Sunday, May 10, 2015


I've always thought 2 was my lucky number, but I've come to believe it is the number 3.  My sisters and I make three, I have three children, and things often seem to happen in threes.  Which begins to make me sound superstitious, and I am not.  So I will just finish right here with the prompt for NaBloPoMo day 10: THREE.

I shot this photo after all the hubbub of today died down, and everyone was either gone home, or gone to bed, leaving me sitting here reflecting on the number three.  Then I glanced at the flowers that I had received from Wretch for Mother's Day today, and shot this photo.  I thought it fitting.  
Happy Mother's Day to my mother, and all the mothers or people who nurture and protect, guide and love other people. positive...the best is yet to come... ~cath
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