Sunday, May 17, 2015

day 17: surreal

NaBloPoMo's photo prompt for today is surreal. Day 17 and I am still going strong.
I did post twice one day and skipped another I think. But timing is not my strong suit. I can meet deadlines, and have managed to get three degrees and finish a course for certification in another area. But when I am doing something creative, and my brain is full of ideas, organization exits my brain through my ear.

On a lighter note, I spent an afternoon this weekend catching up with an old friend. We realized as we talked that it had been years since we last met, and I was shocked at how much time had passed. We decided before we parted that we would meet once a month to spend time chatting, and not let so much time pass.  

Life can be very surreal, and time that is gone cannot be regained. My sisters and I realized that when our dad died in 2000. This past year I have been so preoccupied chasing other things that I let a year (a WHOLE YEAR) pass without seeing my sisters and my mum. I can't get the time back, but I can refocus on what is important in my life. Even though there are days I want to isolate and just daydream, I miss the connection with my family when so much time passes.

My photo for today is a shot of the end of our road, with special effects added from one of my favorite sci fi apps, #AlienSky. Lots of fun to play with, and my idea (being a Trekkie) of what is surreal for me. is surreal... ~cath 
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