Monday, November 15, 2010

art through the eyes of a child

My sister and I have a studio in California.  Not to showcase our artwork, but to introduce the concept of a painting experience to people who have never tried to paint.  Many people want to paint, and think of it as a mysterious gift.  What those of us who can and have painted know is the joy of painting, the feel of the brush scooping up paint and laying it on the canvas to bring thoughts and feelings to life.

Since April we have demonstrated and explained our concept every chance we get.  And it is beginning to catch on.  People are painting and discovering the fun and excitement of creating.  Once a month we offer a parent/kid class so that parents can spend some time with their kids doing something fun together.

I post photos from every class on our Facebook fan page and also on our website, and I look at all the class art from the studio as I post it on the Facebook page and on the website.  One thing strikes me as I view the art of the children.  It is free from influence.  The only thing that comes from the child's mind to the canvas is his or her imagination.  The children don't try to copy the sample painting, or even follow the teacher carefully (we never force children to do things 'our' way in the studio).  They paint with a free abandon, not caring what others think of their art.  They think only of the pleasure of painting.  They paint what their minds and hearts tell them to paint.

We should all paint with a child's abandon.  Free from fear of criticism, and free to paint what our mind and heart tells us to paint.  We should all strive to see art through the eyes of a child.  Fresh, new, exploring the world around us and the possibilities the canvas and paints give us.

I am grateful for everyone who has painted with us.  You have taught me (an 'old' artist) to look at the world and the vision of others with fresh eyes. 

With the eyes of a child.


  1. These are beautiful! I was just looking at the "self-portraits" at my daughter's school and talking to the teacher about the amazingly expressive art done by kids at this age! Ah, to be young again!

  2. Thanks Karen! I wish I could have posted the photos uncropped, you would have seen huge smiles on all the children's faces!