Monday, November 22, 2010

the give and take of life

Why is it hard for some people to give?  They take without thinking of the cost (tangible and intangible) for the giver.  They never think to offer back, which means they lose. They lose the power of giving, the intangible feeling of being able to give.  Do they miss out because they don't want to be bothered, or because it is inconvenient for them to give?  Who knows?  They go on taking, and being "me" oriented, and they lose.  For what they take is far less than what they could receive by giving.

And what about givers?  Those people who give and never take for themselves?  The ones who tell the one giving "you shouldn't have done that"?  They rob the givers.  Of the satisfaction and joy of giving.  Learning to take is hard for givers.  It is out of their zone of comfort.  They are selfish in a way, only wanting to experience being the giver.

I challenge all of you...if you are a taker, make an offer to someone you know who only gives.  Give them something, your time, your help, whatever you see that they need.  And for you givers, learn to accept, learn to let others have the joy of giving.

To be just a taker or a giver means you miss out on the fullness of life....the give and take of life...

Which is the balance of life.  The wholeness of life. 

Try it.  Open your eyes.  Open your heart.

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