Friday, November 5, 2010

it's the eyes

The question posed on NaBloPoMo today to prompt us to blog was:

What do you notice first about a person?

I notice eyes.  It's the eyes.  Always the eyes.  It doesn't matter what a person looks like, whether they are beautiful, how they are dressed, or anything else, although those are the first things most people notice.  Those things are superficial, a wrapping that never really tells us what a person is really like.  But the eyes do.
Eyes are universal.  They speak without words.  They show a smile, sadness, anger, joy and any other emotion you can think of.  Right there in the eyes.  The window to who we are and what we feel.  The eyes invite, they repel, they scare, they mystify, and sometimes horrify.  But they are compelling.  For me.  It's the eyes, always the eyes.

What do YOU notice first about a person?


  1. The sincerity of their smile. Good blog gf!

  2. I agree the eyes say a lot. Some one can smile but you can see in the eyes it is fake. I had an incident that happened to me when I was in my early 20's. I wrote a post about it. "Divine Intervention" as soon as I saw the eyes I knew. it is definitely the eyes!!!!

  3. Thanks for the comments Jerene and Deanne.

    Deanne, I will read the post you are talking about. I have followed your blog with interest since I discovered it on networked blogs. Jerene has a very interesting blog too, and I find that she often talks about things that touch me in a very special way. Her blog is jerened's blog and you can also find it on networked blogs. Probably the best thing about Facebook and blogging is networked blogs. :D

    Peace to you both and my eyes are smiling right now!

  4. I believe you need to add your picture with the whacked out eyebrows to this blog at the end, lol....