Saturday, November 6, 2010

sister faces

How many times can you capture a moment in time with photos so perfectly that no words are needed?  Or minimal explanation only?  That happens to me every now and again when my eye is sharp and my finger is ready on Big Girl's trigger.  I recently watched an encounter between my sisters.  They were painting and started laughing at Dooj, my youngest sister because she had turned her painting upside down to paint the edge, then while it was turned, signed the lower right corner.  When she turned it back around; she saw what she had done in the upper left corner and started laughing.
I am always glad when I get to capture my sisters during some nutty moment because that is when they are the funniest to me...stuff just rolls out of their mouths effortlessly and it is a running competition to see who can say the most insulting funny thing to the other...

And me?  I am behind the camera laughing and catching it I can share my joy in my sisters' humor with the world....



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