Saturday, November 27, 2010

the perfect sunset

Sometimes I am struck speechless by the beauty of nature that is around me.  In the odd moment, when I least expect it, I stop what I am doing and take a moment to notice nature.  It means I have to still my speeding thoughts, what is occupying me at that minute, and focus totally on what is in front of my eyes.

Last night right before dark was one of those unexpected moments.  Duncan (my 5 year old grandchild) was laying on the bed in the spare bedroom by me and we were watching a movie.  My attention wandered, as it often does, and I lifted the blinds to stare at the color of the sky, because the light was casting a yellow glow on the blinds.  I had my iPhone handy and snapped a few shots of the window and blinds, just idly passing some time.  Then something, I am not sure what, made me raise up on an elbow and look at the horizon.

And I saw the sky on fire with golds, and reds, pinks, and purples.  I am sure there have been sunsets before like that in Alabama, but at that moment I was struck by the uniqueness of it.  And the transient nature of it.  I knew in my heart and mind at that moment there would never be another opportunity quite like that one.  And I jumped up and raced to the other room, grabbing Big Girl on my way out the front door.  I ran to the edge of the yard and started snapping the lens.  I would stop every few moments to gaze at the sky and marvel at the beauty in front of my eyes.  I miss some photos that way, but I firmly believe you should live the moment, and if you are only focused on taking the photo, you aren't really aware of what is in front of your eyes.

As I took photos, I felt a peacefulness, a tranquility that I don't always have on board emotionally.  And I realized why.  You can't improve on nature.  It is perfect in all it's forms.  We humans work our lives away arranging this, and accomplishing that, setting goals to reach, relationships to work on, and all the stuff that eats up the minutes of our lives until our time on this earth is over.  Nature, on the other hand, just is.  There is no hidden agenda, no goal to reach.  Simply, there is just existence. 

So the next time you see that perfect cloud, or the pond that is still and inviting, or the perfect sunset, stop.  Take a few moments, empty the thoughts from your mind, and enjoy.  Take slow deep breaths and feel the still perfection of nature.  Feel the connection to it, live it for a few short moments.  It will never be that same moment again.  

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