Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today the phone rang.  We have caller ID, like every other person who wants to avoid phone ninjas, and Steve saw that it was Jen, so he answered.  This is how the chat with Jen went:

Steve: hey big time (her nick name since childhood)
Dunc: (hollering to his mom) hey mommy, it's Gramps, he wants to talk to you.
Jen: hey daddy.
Steve: hey Jen.  You didn't call me.

It wasn't a question.  It was a statement.  That fast, the jig was up for Dunc.  Busted.  That's right, a 5 year old got hold of his mom's iPhone and dialed his Gramps.  And panicked when Gramps answered.  And tried to cover himself the best way he knew how.

He lied.  Only being 5, it wasn't a very good lie, and not deceptive enough to fool Gramps or his mommy. 

But being the laid back people they are (most of the time), Jen and Gramps laughed, and that saved Dunc's bacon.  So Jen gave Dunc the phone back (he had made the call after all) and he and Gramps had the following conversation:

Gramps: what you doing buddy?
Dunc: we are helping mommy make Valentimes cookies.  Because tomorrow is Valentimes Day.
And that was about the end of their chat.  Dunc isn't crazy about talking on the phone.  Evidently he just likes to dial.  Let's hope he doesn't try to dial Timbuktu.  He would probably connect.  (Roaming charges.)

Steve said he could hear Maddie screaming in the background: "THEY ARE NOT VALENTIMES COOKIES!  THEY ARE JUST COOKIES!"

And while all this was going on, Jack was dancing to the Monster Mash.  Spontaneously.  With different steps, and singing the tune too.  I was dumbfounded and poked Steve so he would see him.

Steve: well! he can dance.  And he's good.  That is something his dad and I can't do.

(I know.  Jack gets it from me.)

*Note:  here is another good blog to read... Katyboo1's Weblog.  She writes about her life, but her style is so amusing I find myself chuckling...and glad I took the time to read it... She was recommended to me by Josie Speaks Up.  And I am so glad Josie did.  Australians have marvelous wit and humor.  Read both, and enjoy.

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