Saturday, February 12, 2011

to pee or not to pee...

Nothing earth shaking today...just my two cents worth of them anyway.

Beautiful today...sunny but oh, so cold in the shade.  We took a short trip to Natural Bridge and went to the small park there.  I was surprised there was still ice and snow on the ground, and icicles hanging from beneath the natural bridge.

Turns out the bridge is sandstone that iron ore has done something to, and it forms a natural bridge...Steve knows the technical stuff about it.

All I know is that it was beautiful...and peaceful, and we were alone most of the time while we were there.

I like having Steve with me on these trips, and having been married so long, he isn't offended when I am lost in my thoughts while we are riding, and looking around me at the sensory overload of beauty my eyes are dealing with, and just grunt an "uh huh" when he tells me:

"there's Uncle Toon and Aunt Lucy"
me: uh huh
him: they are buried there
me: uh huh
him: there's where that parts place is.  I always wondered where it was, now I know how to get there.
me: uh huh
him: there's mother and daddy
me: you sure?
him: yep, there's the cemetery.
me: uh huh
him: I don't know why they keep calling me and trying to sell me more stuff, another marker, corner markers... I already own two plots.  I may just decide I want to be cremated and have my ashes flushed.
me: uh huh

then I realize what he just said...and I actually draw my thoughts together and make a whole sentence:

me: you know you don't have to be flushed, you can be scattered anywhere.  Or maybe one of the kids might want to keep you.

We walked around for a bit, then I noticed he wanted me to go farther and farther.  I was thoroughly chilled by then from standing under the bridge, so I followed him like a trained dog.

THEN he revealed his real reason for our walk:

him: I have to pee.
me: you can't pee here
him: why not?
me: it's a state park and you will be arrested for desecrating a natural wonder.
him: oh
me: and besides you can just hold it til we get back to the gift shop.  There is a bathroom there.
him: oh

(His eyeballs were floating by then and he was down to monosyllables.)

We made it back, he used the facilities, and then we headed home, passing through Jasper and stopping at Guthrie's to get some chicken strips to eat with salad at home.

We got all the way home, and Steve started hollering when he opened the chicken.  I figured it was because he was so glad to have chicken.  It wasn't:

"They %*#*&^ us in the drive through.  I'm mad.  I'm not a bit happy about this."

They knew at Guthrie's that we probably lived in the country and wouldn't take the time to drive back for dipping sauce.  They were right.  I ate in silence.

Then I got my cameras and disappeared to edit photos.  Some things are just better left unsaid.

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