Friday, February 18, 2011

the other gimlet eye

Steve got me back for laughing at him the other night when he told me he had to have a thyroid ultrasound.  I thought he had it done that day, but it turns out that today was the day for the ultrasound of his goozle (his word for neck).

So he told me he had a goiter. 

Me: what goiter?
Him: the goiter in my neck.
Me: you have a goiter?
Him: (he snorks) well the girl who did the ultrasound said she wasn't supposed to say but just between us, there was no goiter.  She couldn't figure out why the doctor ordered an ultrasound.  
Me: well that is good news.
Him: yes... I told her my TSH level was one point low, and he sent me for the ultrasound.
Me: well now you know you are ok.
Him: yep and she said that I would have other signs if I had a goiter.
Me: like hot flashes and your hair falling out and stuff.
Him: well I don't have any symptoms.
Me: actually it wouldn't be a bad thing to lose hair.  Maybe that hair on your back would fall out.  You'd probably end up bald all over.
Him: well you can shave me anytime you get ready, and anywhere you want to shave.

I gave him the gimlet eye then.  What had gotten into my normally conservative husband?

Me: you'd let me SHAVE you? Really?
Him: I'm retired now and don't have to worry about the men at work laughing at me in the shower, so yes you could shave me.

By now I am snickering and thinking evil thoughts.  And Steve says something obscene.  I promised him I would never blog about the obscene stuff.

So I am stopping now.

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