Thursday, February 24, 2011

...odds and ends

Just a few of the things that have happened during the past week...

Jim shaved his beard yesterday (after I had written the post about him) his baby doesn't recognize him.  Jim told Steve that John stared at him, grinned, then reached for Tara saying "mama, mama".  Maybe John will recognize this stranger who has moved in by the time he starts school.

You already know about the smoky eye.  Steve laughed at me.  I'll get him back.  Well actually, he got me back for laughing at him about the pseudo goiter (turned out to be nothing, just Steve trying to get some free nursing advice).

I'm still practicing the smoky eye.  I bought new makeup yesterday.  WHEN did makeup get so expensive?  I spent almost $60 and could hold it all in one hand!  I'd go commando, but that would be scary.  Worse than wearing a smoky eye.

Wretch has a new iPhone.  We play Words with Friends on it like fiends.  I was able to legitimately beat her at first.  Then I felt sorry for her, because she was under so much stress with school and work, so I let her beat me a couple times.  We have another couple games going, and she is winning BOTH games.  This means I play for blood now. 

Took the kids (yes all three of them, and it took 3 adults to manage a day trip, and keep up with them) to the Aquarium in Tennessee last Saturday.  We got a late start.  (Lesson 1: always get started early and eat all your meals on the road.)  On our way home, I wanted to stop at a Cracker Barrel so the kids would have a chance to eat some vegetables, and not just fast food all day.  The waitress was so sweet.  She asked each child what they wanted to order, looking them in the eye and listening carefully to them.
Maddie: I would like shrimp with mac and cheese, and white milk.  And don't forget to bring some cocktail sauce too.
Duncan: I want pancakes and iced tea.
Jack: I want pancakes and white milk.  You do have milk here, don't you?
We all laughed at this, including the waitress.  The kids just looked at us like we were nuts.  So much for vegetables.  They almost fell asleep waiting on their dinner.  (Lesson 2: stop for dinner before 7PM on road trips.)

prelim sketch
Jen went to a Kid Rock concert.  Had a blast.  (We kept the kids.)  The next day she was showing me all the photos she got.  (She was excited because she was in the fourth row and saw him spit on stage...)
"Mom I could see his cell phone in his pocket!"
I told her they were good photos, even though they were fuzzy...then she said the fateful words...
"Mom could you paint him for me?"
Now, my kids rarely ask us for anything.  They are good kids, and Jen has had a year of change and struggle in her personal could I say no?
So...I am attempting my first painting of a rock star...for Jen.

And that's about it...week's almost over and life is what it is...good.

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