Saturday, February 5, 2011

what happened?

Wretch and I have been emailing back and forth.  She asked me to scan a baby photo of her and email it the other day so she could use it on Facebook as her profile photo, baby divas or something that she and her friends have going on.

I told her no problem, I had a couple saved to my hard drive and would email them before I left for work.  So I went to the computer, found them, relived a few happy baby memories looking at them, then sent them merrily into cyberspace to her.

She emailed me back last night...

"I was such a cute baby- what happened?"

I thought about making a joke of it, and sending something sassy back to her in reply.  Wretch and I tend to joke a lot...she has my sense of humor.  So we understand each other's barbs completely.

I suddenly typed back one sentence and sent it to her.  This is what I said:

"You turned into a beautiful woman."

Sometimes the simple truth is best. 

Recommended blog for today: A Blog Day Afternoon.  I enjoy the smart observations made by this mom I follow...

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