Monday, February 14, 2011

why i read blogs

Some ideas roll around in my head for a while before they hit text, and some just pop in my head and onto the keyboard with little effort.

This is one of those things that has rolled for a while.  I mentioned it in other posts, without going into detail or cramming something down the reader's throat.  With things that I feel passionate about, I tend to drive it in the ground and break it off.  (Or ad nauseum, my family would be sure to add.)

Loving to read is something I share with many people.  But why read blogs?  Funny, but yesterday I was reading a post about why people write blogs.  But my thoughts have been on the other end of the blogophilia spectrum.  Why read them?  There are certainly more out there than can possibly be read by any one person, or even a small army of people.  So why do I read them? 

Simple.  I like people.  I like everything about people, and what makes them the way they are.  And many bloggers are very good at exposing their thoughts, feelings and beliefs online.  When I read a blog, I feel I know more about that person.  Some blogs are easy reads, making me laugh, and others make me cringe in horror or sadness at what the person is revealing.  But I read.

The one thing I have known with unwavering belief since I was a child is that what I read changes me.  Not just what I learned in school and college, but everything I read.  It changes me.  Sometimes in such a slight way that I barely notice, and sometimes my knowledge and beliefs make a major paradigm shift.  But always I am changing. 

So the simple truth is, there is a world in books.  And there is also a world in blogs.  It may be instant gratification for writers, but blogs that are well thought out and executed are something to sink your mind into.  Something to make you grow and learn.

Something that can change you.

*Note: This is the blog I read yesterday that made me stop.  And think.  Have a look and make a comment if you will: Some Days or Now
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