Saturday, July 30, 2011

bright spots

Being disappointed can be a good thing. Does that sound like a stupid statement?

Not really. It makes me appreciate the things I have. Tonight was
a good example. When I found out a few weeks ago we'd be coming down to the beach, all I could think about was the wonderful shots I might capture with Big Girl.

We've spent the weekend with Stevie Wonder's sister and her husband, and some assorted family. Reconnecting and sharing some good times, wonderful southern cooking, and just enjoying being together for a bit of special time. We took all the kids to the beach today. I took a few fun shots with my iPhone. Because it was hot and the sun was too bright (not ideal photography conditions), SW and I were going back tonight to let me get those sunset moments.

It didn't happen. We haven't been to Gulf Shores in years, and even though we received some good directions, by the time I found the place I wanted to stop, the sun was down.

At first disappointment washed over me like a wave breaking across the sand. The feeling grew stronger as we headed back to the house. I told Steve I'd love a frozen yogurt, but by the time I said it, we'd already driven past it.

Another disappointment.

Then I realized. So what? There would be other sunsets, other frozen yogurts, other trips to the beach.

And I said that to Steve. And we shared a laugh. And I relaxed, and enjoyed the last bit of light at the end of a beautiful day as we drove along.

It was a perfect day. Really.

I'm sharing the photos I got today of the kids. My grandchildren. The bright spots in the sunset of my life.

Tomorrow will be another day. And more life lessons. For now, I am appreciating what I have.

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