Wednesday, July 13, 2011

morning has broken

I got up this morning and after sitting down with my first cup of tea, I started to work on a blog post I had been thinking about.  Then Stevie Wonder got out of bed, staggered sleepily to the front door, and said "wow look at all that fog!"  I was half listening to him, as I often do, and then suddenly his words settled on my brain and I went to look out the door.  I've seen fog a thousand times (I grew up in northern California, the fog capital of the world), but as I looked outside, I saw something different.  

Everything had a soft edge to it.  The woods were blanketed in fog, and you could barely see the horizon.  The sun was just rising.  And I knew I wanted to try to capture this lovely, soft summer morning.  So I grabbed Big Girl and stepped outside.

With my first footstep outside, the heaviness of the air struck my face and body.  It was a warm, enveloping feeling, like being wrapped in a soft blanket.  I started walking around the yard, taking photos, and just enjoying the feel and smell of the morning air.  I could smell the flowers and grass, hear the crickets chirping, and as I walked down the road and looked at the sun rising through the trees, I suddenly stopped.  And just experienced the moment.

As I stood there, a song came to mind, the lyrics playing out in my head as I looked around me.  And so my post for today changed in that instant.  Today I am sharing my thoughts about morning.  How each one is a new start.  Each day is fresh.  And there is life all around us, just waiting to happen.
I hope you enjoy the photos I took, and stop a moment in your day, in your morning, to experience the newness, the smell and feel of it.  And let it lift your mind and spirit.
I am sharing the song I heard in my head, by Cat Stevens, with lyrics by Eleanor Farjeon.  To start your morning.  
It's a new morning, a new day.  Enjoy it.

~cath xo

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