Friday, July 15, 2011

haiku tea

Every morning I drink my tea from a favorite cup.  Which cup I use depends on where I want to travel that day. It is not travelling in the literal sense.  I travel in my mind.  And my destination depends on my mood.

You see, everywhere I travel, I collect cups.  Not just any cup.  A Starbucks cup.  (Don't groan...I am hopelessly addicted to their chai latte, all my brother in law's fault since he was the one who told me they serve something besides coffee...and fetched the first cup of heaven to my lips.)

Today, as I share some of my favorite cups with you, I am sipping my first cup of tea...don't try talking to me though...I am on Beale Street listening to the blues...

~cath xo
Twitter @jonesbabie

This moment was inspired by Debra's blog post Creature Comforts.  Please take time to visit her blog, Pure and Simple.  Her posts are thought provoking and well written, and her blog is one of my favorites.

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