Monday, July 4, 2011

the egg and i

The egg is my friend.  It is a small oval mouthful of nourishment and only costs me 2 points per egg.

What are points?  Why that is the balance of food in numerical equivalent I am allowed to ingest every day.  Twenty nine points total.  To stay alive.

And healthy.

In simpler terms, I became a Weight Watcher a week ago.  And that was also 2.8 pounds ago.  I am told by experts in success that the best way to succeed with a plan is to announce it.  Make it public.  The more people you tell the better your chance of success.

So I am announcing it: By the end of this year I will be a healthier person.

I guess this means if I don't succeed, I will be eating a lot of crow.

But I really prefer eggs to crow.  So I will continue to murder eggs and masticate their small oval bodies.

I will become known as the serial eggster.

Beware eggs.  I am coming to get you.  And boil you.  And peel you.

*Side note here:  I got a great tip from the leader at the Weight Watchers meeting last week.  "Boil your eggs, leave just a tiny bit of cold water in the pot after you cook them.  Then put a lid on the pot and shake the dickens out of them.  (Yes, she really said dickens.)  When you open the pot, voila, the eggs are peeled."

Sounds too good to be true, eh?

IT WAS.  When I opened up my little dickens shaken pot, I looked inside with excited anticipation.

And saw what looked like puked-up eggs in a pot.

I wretched.  Then threw them away.  Boiled some more eggs.

PEELED said eggs.  And ate them.  Two points each.  Four points total.  Breakfast.  For someone who never eats breakfast, it was a rough start...

But 2.8 pounds later those eggs are paying off.

So beware can run, but you can't hide.

~cath xo
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