Friday, July 22, 2011

dooj the stooj

doojy's eyes

my sister Debbie
aka Dooj the stooj
she's our baby  
the family goofball,
source of family legend
  the primpcess

  our heart

~cath xo
Twitter @jonesbabie


  1. Do you need those rings on your fingers for the glasses to make noise? : )

  2. You captured her essence beautifully!

  3. What graceful hands ye have. No wonder you are artists.

  4. She's beautiful and seems like a lot of fun! You're a good sister, Cath!

  5. Lovely! Every time I come to your blog, I miss my sisters even more :(

  6. Yes dooj the stooj aka DOODIE is the craziest and the sweetest, our heart! smooches sissy miss you

  7. Gorgeous - special bonds of sisters. I never had a sister, often wondered what it would be like, I guess like my very close friend who is the closest I guess.
    Thanks for the pic of your life Cath :)

  8. @Thom Brown
    No, those are just bells and whistles. What really helped us was the half bottle of Rebel Red we had before we did this. :D

  9. @Savira Gupta Thanks Savira. She's a beautiful woman and that made it easy. :D

  10. @Lalia thanks! xo

    @hocam Thnks, but it's a wonder we didn't knock our glasses over! :D

    @sweepyjean Thanks, but it's easy to be a good sister when you have good sisters. And mine are the best. :)

    @Hajra I understand and miss mine every time we are apart. xo

    @vix miss you both too. Have fun this weekend and think of me. :D xoxo

  11. @Maureen Hunter glad you enjoyed it Maureen. Yes friends are much like sisters. My sisters love me, warts and all. And we share genetic material, so we tend to think alike too. That's the scary part. :D

  12. @Joy so glad you liked it Joy...she's quite a woman. :D