Monday, February 25, 2013

breakfast at epiphanys

Things I have realized lately:

1. My short term memory sucks.  I can put clothes in the dryer with the intent of tossing them a couple minutes and then hanging them to dry.  But I will forget that intention as soon as I walk away from the dryer. Which means most of my wardrobe is now Barbie doll sized, and faded.

2. I can eat an apple and a cup of cottage cheese all day, but as soon as nightfall hits I get a fiendish craving for Moo Bars and red wine.  Which leads to constipation.  Or diarrhea, depending on which food I eat the most of.

3. No matter how much my flexibility increases in yoga, I will never be able to touch my forehead to my knees while sitting on the mat.  To do that requires a flat stomach and flat chest.  Neither of which I possess.

4. Maddie is funnier at seven than I am at sixty.  This probably means I am in the early stages of dementia, and entering my second childhood.  Maddie and I will be equal in intellect in another 5 years or so. Two twelve year old minds, hanging out together. is so very good. ~cath
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  1. Loved your list- that last one is especially funny!

  2. Great list of epiphanies! What is it about #2? I'm the same way. I can eat healthy all day, but once the sun sets all I can think about is chocolate and either wine or a good dark beer!

    1. #2 is an epic fail for me every night Beckey!