Saturday, February 9, 2013


I was in another room today and heard this conversation between Jack and Gramps.  There was no way I was going to add my two cents worth to this particular chat between my guys.

Gramps: If I'd known you were here today you could have gone down to Vernon with me Jack.
Jack: What's Vernon?
Gramps: That's where Mr. Bud and I hunt.  I saw lots of turkey struts today.
Jack: Turkey struts?
Gramps: Yep, you know this time of year turkeys start strutting.  They fluff up and drag their wings on the ground.
Jack: They do?
Gramps: Yep, they fluff up and drag their wings for the lady turkeys.

I was holding my breath, knowing where this was probably going to lead.  Animal husbandry 101.  Silence.  Jack said nothing.

Then I remembered Jack was just 8 in December.  I figure we have another year before the conversation progresses to the mating habits of animals.

I let my breath out slowly.  Safe.  For now. is good. ~cath
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  1. I'm sure he's going to be thinking about those strange turkeys that strut for the ladies! Too cute~

    1. I love to eavesdrop on the kids and what they say... :D thanks Shelly!

  2. That is too cute Cath. I love listening to kids converse with others, some of the things they say, oh my....loved this!

    1. Dunc had a long conversation with Gramps on the phone last night about seems he loves it...and he spent about 30 minutes telling Gramps all about what he knew. We were sitting listening to him and cracking up. :D Glad you enjoyed this sissy. xo