Saturday, February 9, 2013


I was in another room today and heard this conversation between Jack and Gramps.  There was no way I was going to add my two cents worth to this particular chat between my guys.

Gramps: If I'd known you were here today you could have gone down to Vernon with me Jack.
Jack: What's Vernon?
Gramps: That's where Mr. Bud and I hunt.  I saw lots of turkey struts today.
Jack: Turkey struts?
Gramps: Yep, you know this time of year turkeys start strutting.  They fluff up and drag their wings on the ground.
Jack: They do?
Gramps: Yep, they fluff up and drag their wings for the lady turkeys.

I was holding my breath, knowing where this was probably going to lead.  Animal husbandry 101.  Silence.  Jack said nothing.

Then I remembered Jack was just 8 in December.  I figure we have another year before the conversation progresses to the mating habits of animals.

I let my breath out slowly.  Safe.  For now. is good. ~cath
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