Sunday, February 10, 2013

gabriel and caesar

Ten years ago they came into our lives...those little bundles of brown sweetness we fell in love with at first sight.  One came from Tennessee, the other from California, and our lives have never been the same.

They were so cute and cuddly, for about two minutes.  Then they entered the chewing stage and that lasted about as long as my furniture held out.  They chewed every corner on everything.  Gabe was the worst.  We thought buying rawhide chews would make them stop chewing furniture.

Wrong.  They finished those in seconds and went back to the furniture.  Then Gabe changed tactics.  He started chewing the cedar siding on the house.  The high point came the day I heard a noise and found him stripping the phone cables and wiring off the side of the house.  After that, they became thieves, and stole so many things from the neighbors yard we had to incarcerate them in a dog pen with limited and supervised exercise times.  This meant Stevie Wonder turned them out into the yard and they ran for about 5 miles through the woods while he spent the whole time whistling and calling, trying to get them to come home.  They always did, eventually.  As for the stolen goods, which included clothing, hoses, and even some PVC plumbing (I don't want to even contemplate how they got that), Stevie did the right thing.  He made a pile of the stuff at the end of our road a quarter mile away and put a sign up with a big question mark on it.  We couldn't look our neighbors in the eye for a long time after that spell.

The boys finally grew into adult doghood, but are still high energy. I could tell many more stories of things that have happened...but instead I will share a few photos, and let those speak for me.

They are the lights in our life, and warm our hearts every time they look up at us and grin.  We can't imagine our life without them...


 is good. ~cath
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  1. Awwww- so cute, despite some of their bad habits. Just gotta love faces like those~

    1. They are so rotten, and I can't imagine life without them. :D