Monday, February 4, 2013

me n he

Sometimes our best conversations take place when we are trapped together in a vehicle.  It has also been the scene of some horrendous arguments.  Like trapped animals, we snap at each other.  It usually ends in silence because we can't reach a middle ground.  Or sometimes it ends like it did today, with both of us laughing at how ridiculously we are behaving.

I guess that is what marriage does to those of us who wears us down.  In our case, we are worn down with laughter.

I bought a new set of earbuds for my iPhone today.  The others I had still work, but they are on borrowed time.  I jerked them off my head in a hurry the other morning when Stevie Wonder let Gabe in so I could do a butt check on him.  (You remember that anal abscess I mentioned way back?  Well, he is on the second surgery for the same thing, and if it happens again...I am going to do the surgery myself and save $200.  Heck, I have had to stick my finger in his butt to check the dang thing anyway...why not do the surgery and save the money?)

I got up as I pulled the earbuds off and threw them on the desk.  I didn't notice one bud land in my cup of tea.  Until I went to put them on several minutes later, and by then it had been marinating for several minutes in my hot tea.  A one ear earbud isn't good at all.  It makes you dizzy and off balance.  A perfect excuse to buy a new set.

Today we hunted all over Best Buy for a set...after I had taken my Samsung hard drive to the service counter to see about having my photos retrieved off of it.  (That's another story.)  I found some earbuds, and Stevie Wonder purchased them while I stood waiting and making funny faces at his back.

I put them on in the truck.  I said:
"say something so I can find out if I hear noise with these on"

Stevie Wonder said:
[                            ]

That is right, he was being his normal idiot self and just mouthing at me.

I said:
I can't hear a word you are saying.  Good.  Now we are both deaf and don't have to listen to each other.

Stevie had nothing else to say.  I think.  Because if he did, I couldn't hear him. is good. ~cath
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  1. Love the blog, however the pictures changing at that speed almost caused me to have a are lucky to have a Stevie Wonder that puts up with all that you do and say to him, lol....I love the two of you, more than my luggage.

    1. mum you are so twisted... :D and besides, I have your luggage...

    2. wrong anonymous, lol

    3. Yes and I think you have some of my luggage too, lol

  2. Your third paragraph made me snort. Too funny!