Saturday, February 23, 2013

the honest truth

Maddie:  Did you ever have strep throat, a fever and a headache all at the same time Grammy?
Me: Yes I did Maddie, when I was a little girl like you.
Maddie: Well I wanted to be sick so I could stay home from school, but when I got sick I felt so bad I wished I hadn't wished to be sick.
Me: Why did you want to stay home from school Maddie?  Don't you like school?
Maddie: Well yes I do, if all I had to do was recess and PE.
Me: Just recess and PE Maddie?  You don't like anything else?
Maddie: Well, yes, I like Art.  And Music.
Me: You are definitely my girl, Mad.

This from the child who makes top grades and reads at about a fifth grade level in the second grade.

Wondering if there are enough recesses to get her through high school at this point.

A child can speak the truth with blunt honesty and get away with it.
1. Because it is coming from a child.
2. Because if I said it, people would wonder why I was still in grade school. is good. ~cath
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  1. Oh, loved this! She's a very astute girl-

    1. She amazes me a lot of the time Shelly. :D

  2. Well the PE isn't coming from her Grammy, lol Love to
    listen to the kids, they say the most wonderful things!

    1. Well of course not, I was talking about the art and music...PE would be you. :D