Wednesday, February 13, 2013

oh me oh my

This has been quite a week...full of surprise, frustration, humor, tears.  The gamut of emotions a human can experience.

Monday was Stevie Wonder's day of reckoning, when he got new electrical wiring for his heart.  Quite the day that was...but we muddled through, as families usually do when dealing with sudden crises.

basal cell carcinoma
Now it's my turn.  Not a crisis.  Just a minor surgery.  Planned for over a month.  And tomorrow is the day.

That's right.  Valentine's Day.  The day of romance, to remember that special someone in your life with some special gift.  I'll be spending it with a stranger.  A surgeon who will slice and section my skin layer by layer, and examine it under a microscope, until all traces of the basal cell carcinoma on my wrist are gone.

Skin cancer.  Ack.  I thought this would be a quick slice and suture kind of thing.

Nope.  Expect two to four hours the brochure says.

Gee.  For a little spot like this?  *Sigh*

It's going to be a long day tomorrow, and an even longer night tonight.  More to come.... is good. ~cath
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  1. Smooth sailing tomorrow sissy! While you are in surgery I will be waiting for the Salvation Army pick up at Momma' you xoxoxo

  2. Prayers for you today! Hoping it will be quick and painless and bring only good news with it~

    1. It was fairly fast and they deadened the whole area so well I felt like I was carrying someone else's hand around the rest of the day. It was all good and the doctor was so nice and chatty I forgot for a moment he was cutting me! :D