Saturday, February 2, 2013

he said he said

I love him... I married him 42+ years ago...but sometimes I snap...

True love is putting up with me I decided tonight...and he does...

He called...worried about me because I worked today and was in the building alone...and had been approached months ago by a stranger in the parking lot when I was leaving work long after everyone else was gone.  He wanted to know if I was ok and out of the building.

I was more than ok...I was shopping for clothes for him and had my hands full when I heard the duck quacking (my ringtone for home).

I got the earbud wrapped around my packages and then my earring in my effort to answer the the mouthpiece was six inches from my mouth and I barely had the earbud in my ear...and couldn't really hear what he was saying...

Soooo...I basically shrieked at him...


He mumbled something...actually I think he was hollering back but I couldn't hear I shrieked again....

I WILL BE HOME WHEN I GET HOME...I AM SHOPPING FOR YOU FFS!  (You don't want to know what FFS stands for.)

He was trying to say something when I hung up on him.

Yes...I hung up on him...

After I got to the car I felt guilty.  So I called him back...and said nicely that I was sorry...and asked what he wanted...that was when he told me he was just checking on me...

And it hit me...he loved me.

Happy almost Valentine's Day Stevie Wonder.  I love you too.

I am a lucky woman...albeit a shrieking one. is good. ~cath
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  1. Loved this! (And love the quacking ring tone.)

    1. Sometimes that quack can be irritating, but I always know who it is. :D

  2. Stevie Wonder must be a saint. You can always make me laugh.

    1. He has to be a saint to live with me! Glad I can make you laugh Fran! :D

  3. what a great reminder! after all, it is the little things....