Saturday, January 22, 2011

the d list

Mom messages me in FB tonight.  Private message, because she doesn't want one of her fourteen friends on Facebook to see it.  Seems a neighbor across the street passed away.

Mom does that.  Keeps us up to date on the important stuff.  My warped sense of humor kicks in.

Mom: I just found out Bill across the street passed away last Sunday...he was 81, and 4 others have passed away in the park.  (No mom doesn't live on a bench in a park, that is what they call a mobile home enclosure in California, it sounds more pastoral.)
Me: Sorry for Bill, mom... (and his wife too).  You better hope it's not an epidemic.

Yep, I said that to my mom.  You are probably saying I am awful.  Actually, mom has told me that several times too. 

But mom laughed...actually she typed lol, but I knew she was smiling...then she adds:

"the bulletin said most of them died from pneumonia.  I had mine last year.  lol."

So now you see I come by it honestly.  Mom can actually joke about being in the hospital and almost dying with pneumonia.

I was laying there in bed, reading this on my iPhone (an insomnomaniac's best friend).  As I lay there thinking, I suddenly got hit by a thought, or series of thoughts...

What kind of park bulletin is it that gives the residents a death list, and causes?  Dang, you are talking about a bunch of people who are living with the grim reaper in their closets, so why add insult to injury and rub their noses in it?

I mean, shouldn't they be listing squirrel sightings, who just put up a new lamp post, or who just got new teeth... something benign and cheery like that? 

This place sounds more and more like Pet Semetary...and my mom's the resident poodle...

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  1. You crack me up, girl!! LOVE it! If we can't go out laffing, what is the alternative?