Sunday, January 23, 2011

boy and chocolate

Duncan came through the kitchen with his nose stuck straight up in the air like a hound scenting prey.

I said "what are you doing?"

Duncan: are you baking cookies?
(I grabbed his collar and flipped him around toward the stove.)
Me: what does that look like?
Duncan: I don't know.
(I can't believe he didn't recognize chocolate cake.  It was in an oblong glass baking pan so he could see the whole thing... I thought he was being sarcastic...)
Me: don't tell me you don't recognize chocolate cake!
Duncan: (his eyes were bulging in anticipatory greed at this point) BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! WHOSE BIRTHDAY IS IT?
Me: (being slightly sarcastic, because I knew he wouldn't buy it) It's mine.  I decided to have my birthday early so today is my birthday.
Duncan: (looking at me with a complete look of utter buy-in of my lie) YAY!  Can you put SOLDIERS on it?

This conversation was so totally Dunc, who is all boy...he loves chocolate, thinks all rectangular cakes are birthday cakes, and would celebrate it every day...and his favorite toys right now are those little plastic toy soldiers that cost $1.00 for about 1000 of them...they are all over my house and have caused Steve and me to scream out in agony more than once when we stepped on a soldier in the middle of the night...

...guess next weekend it is Gramps' turn to have a birthday...I'll put my dish sponge on his...(SpongeBob Squarepants being the #2 favorite cake decoration at this point.)


  1. Can my birthday be next? LOL
    Love this story Cathy! And I totally relate to the foot pain caused by the soldiers. Those and legos are the worst!

  2. sure your birthday can be next Beckey...Dunc might get suspicious if it is mine every other weekend! I think we have all the soldiers in the stockade now...I hope...

  3. I LOVE this post! As someone also surrounded by male species of various ages, I am constantly amazed at the occasional cluelessness, like when there are taco shells, taco fixings, me in a sombrero :) and the inevitable, "What's for dinner?" Sigh.....

  4. How funny Karen! I am amazed that my oldest 2 grandsons are oblivious to most of what goes on around them, but the girl never misses a thing...she has ears in the back of her head, even from another room...reminds me of my mom. :D