Sunday, January 16, 2011

stereo parental unit

Parental unit.  That is what our youngest daughter Wretch calls us.  And yesterday I realized we are actually a stereo parental unit.

Our oldest, Jen, was spending the weekend with us.  Poor girl had planned to join Wretch, her cousins and sister in law for a trip to the mountains.  It didn't work out, long story short, her van was down and had to have the wheel bearings replaced.  

So here was Jen, stuck with the parental unit for the weekend, and being a marvelously positive person, she was making the best of it.  We were all talking and laughing, and they were watching the game.  I don't like football, so I was using Twitter on my iPhone.   I vaguely heard Steve say something, then Jen said something.  Like all moms, I am acutely attuned to what my offspring says (mostly), so I replied.  It went something like this:

Steve: John was up the other day and just loved that pillow pet we got the twins.  He kept chewing on it.
Jen: did John get a pillow pet for Christmas?  (John is 8 months old.)
Me: (raising my head from Twitter) John really loved that pillow pet the other day and was chewing on it and having a good time.
Jen: (snorking a bit) Mom, dad just said that.

After about 3 or 4 more exchanges like this Jen snorked louder and said:

"Y'all don't listen to what the other one is saying, and you are saying the SAME THING.  You never listen to each other."

Me: it's a good thing you are here to be our go-between then.
Jen (laughing)
Steve: (raising his head from the TV screen) I guess you'll just have to be the one to listen to us then.
Jen (laughing harder)

I was having a hard time concentrating anyway, I'd been painting all day and that always puts my brain on another plane (physical or transcendental, take your choice...I am just not present mentally).

Me: I just can't think today..why am I having such a hard time thinking?  Something is wrong with my brain.
Steve: You have a brain?  (He was facing away from me toward the TV, switching channels or something.)
I dropped the F bomb on him for that one.
Jen: (laughing) I'd forgotten how much fun you two are when the twins aren't around and it is just adults.

I said something about getting older was hard when you are 68.  Jen lost it again and started laughing and hollering at Steve.
Jen: DAD guess what MOM just SAID...she is 68!!!!! 
Steve: I guess that makes me 73 then.
Me: And you look that old too.  At least you can still add.

The problem is, I am not 68.  Not even near it.  WHY I said that is a mystery.

Thank goodness Jen was here to listen to the stereo parental unit.  Otherwise Steve and I wouldn't have gotten a word across to each other.

Guess that makes him the woofer, and me the tweeter.

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