Wednesday, January 12, 2011

vanity, thy name is cath

I just spent a couple frustrated hours.  I should have been working on the calendar for February for Treasures by You.  But noooo, I wanted this cute little signature to add to the bottom of my blog:

 Ok, so it isn't the best little artsy fartsy signature, but I spent time making it and wanted it on my blog!  I wanted to have what so many other people have on their blogs.  A signature.  Something uniquely them.  I had blog envy.  Instead of staying focused, I let vanity get the best of me. 

So now I am 2 hours behind with a deadline approaching and I still don't have the signature added.  And now I realize....

I don't have to have it.  It isn't going to affect the blog one way or another.  I don't have to have every add on there is and widget and gadget and whatsit, whosit, or wheresit.  My blog is still my blog.  What I write is still the essence of me, who I am and what I want to reveal and share with my bleaders.


I'll get back on target with my painting, which was the first love in my life after all...and forget about that signature.

(or maybe I'll just sneak it in one post at a time...)  :D


  1. Well good luck Cath. I'll probably want one too if you get one! Don't take offense, do you think the A should be lower case. . . I didn't read it as Cath at first. . . .Josie x
    Did that work? Doing it again

  2. I think I was trying to be too fancy with it and the ath kinda disappears lol...gonna have another go at it when I finish working on painting samples for February classes :D