Wednesday, January 5, 2011

you are what you write

Have you ever been analyzed by your handwriting?  I had an interesting experience years ago..12 years ago to be exact.  I was working part time as a psych nurse and was working nights.  Another nurse and I were talking and she told me that as a hobby she had learned to analyze handwriting.  She bought books and studied and taught herself.  I was a little skeptical, and asked her to analyze mine.  Here is the bit of writing I did for her to analyze.  Read on after you have a look at it.
Now you understand I was skeptical.  I had never worked with this nurse before that night, and she knew NOTHING about me.  So I read it.  And my jaw dropped.

Everything she said about me is true.  Some people who know me may argue the like to organize part, except that also is true.  That is part of what I do at work.  Troubleshoot and reorganize things that don't work, processes and forms and such.  So it all is true. 

Jilda sat there that night and showed me how she analyzed it, the curves of my letters, the symmetry, the way I wrote my g's that looked almost like a Greek letter.  All those lines and squiggles that you see were what she did to analyze the writing.  And I believe she told me the words with the x's by them were my stronger traits.  And it all made sense.  She told me she had always been fascinated with handwriting experts and what they did to discover things about people.  It seems our handwriting is as unique as we are.

So listen up!  If someone wants to analyze you by looking at your handwriting, keep an open mind.
And be sure to hide those skeletons in your closet behind the biggest W you can write.
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