Thursday, January 27, 2011

tooth envy

Yesterday my oldest grandson Jack lost his first tooth.  It wasn't just the first tooth for him.  It was the first tooth for our family.

There has been a race on to see who would lose the first tooth.  Jack and the twins, Maddie and Duncan, are only 6 months apart in age.  And this year they are started "real" kindergarten.  (Maddie and Duncan have been in daycare "school" for so many years that they call it going to school with the "school agers".)  And being with so many kids their own ages, naturally they noticed that other kids were losing teeth.

I think it bothered Maddie the most.  She has tooth envy to the point that we caught her trying to loosen her teeth herself.  I had to explain to her (and so did her mom) that what loosens a tooth is the tooth coming in under it, and if she loosened and pulled one too soon, there wouldn't be a tooth there to grow in.  That stopped her.  At least we haven't caught her openly attempting to loosen any more teeth.

So yesterday Jim sends me the photo of Jack's first tooth hole.  And then Jim calls Jen to tell her that Jack lost his first tooth.  Jen excitedly tells the twins.  Their reaction?

Maddie: (rolling her eyes condescendingly) I really don't care.

And you can see from Jack how happy he is.  Because this means the tooth fairy will be visiting him.  I hope the tooth fairy is prepared.  She has two more kids right behind him she'll be putting on her tooth fairy route soon.

I have the sneaking suspicion Maddie will be next.
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