Sunday, January 23, 2011

the eclectic electric reader

I'm not a jealous blogger.  I think sharing is the only way I can also grow as a blogger.  The more I share, the more I am learning about this blog thing.

I have been an avid reader since I could hold a book up.  Mom said they had to tear books out of my hands when I was a kid because my eyes kept getting progressively worse at such a speed and they thought all the reading contributed to it.  (That was when I became a closet reader.)  I read everything, literally.  All my books, all my parents Double Day Book Club selections, the Readers Digest Condensed Books, two sets of encyclopedias, and even a few books my dad thought he had hidden well...  What can I say, I was a book plunderer.  I am compelled to read.

When I first began to read blogs, and realized how MANY are out there, I thought it was going to be just trash know, stuff to wind down with and not have to put any brain cells into...then I realized differently.  And I also realized with eReaders around, and blogs, that these ARE the books of today, the way of sharing information and thoughts, and just because feedback is instantaneous, and we can write something and sling it online in a heartbeat, doesn't mean it doesn't have value.

SO today I decided to share what I read.  That list to the right has some of the blogs I read.  Some more can be found on my google id...  And I would like to offer them to you, for your enjoyment.  Beware I read from G to R rated blogs...but all are well written and thoughtful...  There are also a few buttons on this page you can follow to other click. click. click.  and spend a few moments checking out my blog links...

If you read something you like, then SHARE it.  No blog writer does their blogging in a vacuum.  We want to know someone is reading it, and that we are gaining an audience.  So SHARE, on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social network you use.

FEEDBACK, the third thing that is important to a writer.  Tell us when you like something.  Tell us when you don't.  Just tell us. 

I will also be posting a link to a blog on my posts the rest of the year.  This is my way of saying thanks to those bloggers who have helped me with mine.  And to the bleaders (you all) who have managed to click this blog 3000+ times since August...(that number still blows my mind) all of the comments and encouragement...I say

Thanks.  And READ...SHARE...FEEDBACK...


  1. Oh yes...I am new to blogging (6 months old) and I am still amazed by the number of wonderful blogs I am introduced to every single day! There is just so much talent in this world..Phew!

    Personally I enjoyed a blog by Janine Ripper ( very much!

    You can find my blog at

    Happy Blogging!

  2. Hi Cath,
    Thanks for listing my blog, like Hajra I am a baby blogger. I LOVE reading other blogger's blogs, of course, and going through their blog lists too.
    But, the best thing is getting comments on your own blog. It's great to watch the page view numbers increase, then I know people are reading my blog, but comments make you go all warm and fuzzy inside.
    Must go now and read Hajra's blog, and that redhead one. . . and then explore the others you have listed too!
    Josie at

  3. I try to read a few blogs in the morning before work, and on the weekend I have a marathon catchup of reading and blogging (hence all my posts got posted yesterday and today)...I have enjoyed both your blogs Hajra and Josie...both quite interesting and different perspectives... the people I am meeting in the blogging world...what a rich assortment of personalities!
    Happy Blogging to you both! See you in the comments section!
    ~cath xox

  4. I so agree with Josie, its always nice to see that someone has taken the effort to read your post and post a comment. Always a motivator!