Thursday, May 5, 2011

being kreativ, la segunda parte

Tonight I finish the lists I started yesterday...that would be 5 more blogs I follow along with 5 things about myself.

First, the blogs...
6. The Titanic Swim Team- written by Steve Harris, I picked up the blog by clicking on a link on another blog (see what I mean about checking out those blogrolls!) and have been following him as he and his wife spend several months in Honduras volunteering with Mercy International to build homes for the poor.  It has been a fascinating story, and you have to love someone who can live in rustic conditions and still manage to post blog updates.  Check it out.  You won't regret it.
7. Derek's Home and Business Blog- I have gained some really good tips reading this blog.  Tech stuff for adding things to my blog, and all kinds of things related to social media and business...he writes in a relaxed down to earth style, and adds some nice personal touches too.  Give him a spin and a comment if you enjoy his blog like I do.
8. Angus Wilson Studio- I found and liked this person's Facebook page.  One of those recommendations you get on the little old side bar you mostly ignore.  Only I didn't that day, and I am so glad.  The artist in me loves his style...crisp lines, vibrant colors, he reminds me of my favorite Impressionist Van Gogh, but puts new life into the method.  Take a look and see if you don't respond to his art....
9. Rabin Photography: "One Million Tulips"- this is a photography blog...with stunning is one of the blogs I have followed the longest, and his photography speaks volumes.
10. Some Days or Now- this is one of the first blogs I followed, and if you follow the link you will see why.  Deanne is on hiatus from blogging I believe to focus on herself, but if you read her last entry and watch the video, you will see why I found her blog so captivating and touching.

I hope you enjoy the blogs I shared...there are many more, and after sharing these I will try to add a link to some of my posts so that you can check out other blogs.

I have to tell you 5 more things about me.  It would be easy to share the positive things, but I am going to track down a different road and share some not so positive things.  If I am going to share, I feel I need to share the warts on the behind of the fairy princess...

6. I can be cruel to my family at times.  I feel safe and loved, and this unleashes my tongue in a very bad way at times.  I have come to believe that it isn't always ok to say what you think to your family because you think they are stuck with you and should take it.  It is just too easy to forget that and say some things that cut.  Case in point, I said some things recently to a well loved sister that still haunt me.  We talked things through and have moved on, but I will have to chew on this a while to absorb the full lesson from the pain I caused her.
7. I am a dynamo at work, but can be a real slug at home.  Home is like a cave to me and at the end of a work week I just want to hibernate.  But unwinding that much makes it hard to wind back up the next week for work...I seem to have a hard time finding a productive middle ground.  Of course when the grandkids come, sluggo comes alive.  There is no vegetating with 3 kids 6 and under.
8. Horror movies and roller coaster type thrill rides give me a rush of adrenaline that makes me physically ill.  I feel like a monster.  That is why I never worked in the ER or ICU as a nurse.  I hate adrenaline rushes.
9. I don't want to end up like my favorite grandmother, dying a slow death from dementia.  It was the fear she voiced to me most often, and it was what happened to her ultimately.  I have seen too much dementia, and I would rather die fast and suddenly than to linger. 
10. I kick walls when I get angry.  Luckily I have a boss who lets me vent like that in his office, and if I do it here at the house, I make sure I don't leave scuff marks or holes in the wall.

So now you know some of my blog loves, and some of my warts.  This was a bit hard to write, but I hope you enjoy what you have read.  Or that at least you aren't disgusted.  :D

We all have warts, we all like different types of blogs and have different interests, and that makes life a challenge sometimes.  But I think it is what spins this blue marble we live on.

And maybe, just maybe, I have learned a bit more about myself by putting these thoughts into words.  Thanks to you all for reading. 


  1. Oh I so loved you list.. I am pretty sarcastic all the time, makes me say things which I eventually regret. But I lived all alone in a new city for 2 years which made me stay away from horror movies, I vowed never to watch them and though I have people around me, I stay as far as I can. Call me sissy and I don't care :) I am so energetic at work but all the more lazy at home! Your list is wonderfully compiled....random, for sure!

  2. @Hajra
    Your words make me feel so normal, and less of a weirdo...thanks girl! :D This list with the others I have done is pretty much me in a nutshell! :D

  3. Warts make us strive to be more beautiful human beings. Families love us warts and all...

  4. Cath, self-knowledge is more than half the battle. All of us have our warts and to be honest could you live with perfection?

  5. Well done, and I see you looked a little deeper for the second set. I jumbled (reordered) mine when I put them in one post, but coming up with ten things will almost always get you to go below the surface.

  6. I loved reading/learning more about you!!

  7. @Anonymous: I hear you on that one sissy, it is why I say too much sometimes...but that love is a 2 way street.

    @hocam: Mary you always say just the right thing, I think this road to self-knowledge is one that will never end, nor should it I believe.

    @Thom: Well Thom, when I had scraped about all I could find out of my brain, I had to dig down deeper. I really feel if people are going to bother to read what I write, then I owe a modicum of honesty and openness.

    @Janine: The one thing I am discovering about blog reading is that I get to know people so much better than I thought possible, and I find it fascinating (and fun, I've always loved reading about others).

    Thanks to all of you for commenting, it is always the fun part of blogging to me. The blog is the gift wrapping, but you all are the present inside!
    ~cath xo