Wednesday, May 4, 2011

number one

...Here I go again...entering another contest...what's gotten into me?  The person who never wins anything (well except that wonderful Rapidstrap camera strap) has decided to enter another contest...

A photo of me and mom...something touching...and if my photo is good enough...

Mom wins 6 crystal wineglasses and an iPad2.  Which translates to I get the iPad and she can have the glasses...well maybe I want the glasses too...might as well be totally greedy...

So what touching photo did I enter?  I chose a moment of bonding between my mom and me.  A moment of touching closeness and emotional congruity that only a mother and daughter can share:

Mom loves me, her firstborn daughter, so much that she gave me the universal sign of approval...

I always knew I was number one in her life.


  1. you dare to enter a picture I took, lol, well I
    voted for you, you didn't vote for me, lmao

  2. Your Mum looks like a lot of fun. Good luck with the competition

  3. @Anon: yes Vix I voted for you before I even entered. And the rules say I had to be in the photo with mum, hard to be in it and take it too. And it was my camera after all that took the photo. :D

    @hocam: Mum is fun, Mary. And it was fun to enter. Thanks for the comment! :D

  4. very funny picture. I am sure it will catch the judges by surprise :)

  5. @Aaron: It sure caught me by surprise! The look on my face wasn't feigned. :D