Tuesday, May 10, 2011

maddie and the tooth fairy

Maddie lost her first tooth yesterday.  That isn't really important in the grand scheme of things to most people.  But it is a big mile marker to me.

Steve told me first yesterday.  Then I talked to Maddie, and pretended I didn't know.  This is how the conversation went:

maddie: hi Grammy
me: hi Maddie how are you?
(I heard her taking a big breath of air, like a pitcher winding up to throw a ball)
maddie: YES!
me: how did you lose it?
maddie: I got hit in the face by a basketball and it got knocked out.
me: do you have the tooth?
maddie: no, we couldn't find it

Leave it to my girl to lose a tooth like that.  Smacked in the mouth by a basketball.  At first, I thought maybe she had swallowed it, like a puppy.  But she swore it was knocked out, not in.

So I told her the Tooth Fairy would still deliver if she left a drawing and explanation of the lost tooth under her pillow.  I told her I would leave a message for the Tooth Fairy too.

So Jen got busy with Maddie and this is the letter she left under her pillow:

For those of you who can't read 5 year old,  the note says:
"I lost my tooth and it shot out.  I am sorry."
Sorry appears boldly, probably to prove how sincere she was for not having the tooth to swap for money.  Maddie was probably thinking this would get her a better payback.

My note said this:

I saw Jen's post on Facebook this morning.  The Tooth Fairy came through.  Jen said Maddie was up before the alarm went off, running through the house screaming:  "MOMMY MOMMY LOOK WHAT THE TOOTH FAIRY LEFT FOR ME!"

It was $5.  Yes.  Five dollars.  And a printed letter from the Tooth Fairy, AND a handwritten note.  I think the Tooth Fairy is a bit OCD with the accent on obsessive.  I should have had a talk with the Tooth Fairy personally last night.

And this is the new Maddie:

I look at that photo and see a tired little girl who has had a BIG day.  She has had tooth-loss envy since her cousin Jack lost his first tooth.  But she has now arrived.  She is a bona fide member of the Tooth Fairy Club.

I feel a little sad at this point.  Every tooth she loses is a step away from childhood and toward adulthood.  If I could, I would find that tooth and glue it back in her mouth.

But sadly, time only moves forward.  So I celebrate for Maddie.

And sorrow for me.
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