Sunday, May 1, 2011

Well, here I go again.  I tried the NaBloPoMo prompt for March, and failed.  Life got in the way, and all of us that write blogs, and all of us that read blogs (I belong to both groups) know that life always comes first.

You have to deal.  No getting around it.

It's been a pretty oddball couple of months since I started that last prompt.

Let's see how this month goes.  I have new job responsibilities at work that are using all my brain cells up.  I still have half a business in California that I have obligations to (well really it is more like a third since my sister Vicky is the legs and heart of it).  I have grandkids who are my life and breath, and often almost succeed in robbing me of both during a busy weekend.  I have my painting, and photography to focus on, in all my spare time. 

I have a life.  Just like all of you do.  And even if I don't post every day this month using the "maybe" prompt, life will go on.  It will be interesting to see where it leads me this month. 

Maybe I just might succeed. 


  1. Gee I remember that photo, lol, taken on our coffee break day, isn't that a Danish in your mouth, lol.....good luck on the May blogs ya

  2. @Anonymous
    Bagel+cream cheese, taking photos of coffee break and posting on our Treasures by You Facebook fan page at the same time. Who says I can't multitask? :D

    Thanks sister xoxo

  3. Daily posts are a challenge. I somehow manage but don't have a lot that competes for my time - except for year-end grading right now. I hope you can do it; you always have something of interest to share.

  4. @Thom: I don't know how interesting I can be for 30 days, but I'm giving it a go! Thanks for the encouragement... :D

  5. Just reading your schedule made me tired... lol Good Luck with the posts, but we will be content with what we get... Jules

  6. @PCN: my life has always been wide open, but I usually mangage the important things. I appreciate your comments always Julie. :D

  7. Having a little tiny glimpse into how busy your life must be I can only applaud your intentions! In fact, I think you've inspired me to take up the challenge again next month. . .I've missed the start of this one. Will look forward to reading every day posts! Or most day posts!
    Josie x

  8. Hearing you loud and clear. I decided not to post this week to give myself a break from the mental exhaustion of working full time, trying to blog each day, as well as everything else that comes with that. It's a time consuming passion of ours and every now and then we need to give ourselves a break. Take your time, and the followers that love you will always be hear : )

  9. @Josie: I love reading your blog, and think you can more than manage a post a day...and I look forward to your posts...
    thanks Josie :D

  10. @Janine: I hear you too, and just read your post...sometimes we think we have nothing to say Janine, then something happens to fire us up...I think my comment was longer than your post because that is a subject I feel passionate about too...
    Now let's hope I can think of something worthwhile to say before tonight or I will have failed my prompt on day 3... :D

  11. I hear you! I tried my own "photo a day" challenge in April and managed to keep up for about 1/2 the month. Life happens. Let it.