Sunday, May 1, 2011

Well, here I go again.  I tried the NaBloPoMo prompt for March, and failed.  Life got in the way, and all of us that write blogs, and all of us that read blogs (I belong to both groups) know that life always comes first.

You have to deal.  No getting around it.

It's been a pretty oddball couple of months since I started that last prompt.

Let's see how this month goes.  I have new job responsibilities at work that are using all my brain cells up.  I still have half a business in California that I have obligations to (well really it is more like a third since my sister Vicky is the legs and heart of it).  I have grandkids who are my life and breath, and often almost succeed in robbing me of both during a busy weekend.  I have my painting, and photography to focus on, in all my spare time. 

I have a life.  Just like all of you do.  And even if I don't post every day this month using the "maybe" prompt, life will go on.  It will be interesting to see where it leads me this month. 

Maybe I just might succeed. 
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