Monday, October 24, 2011

addicted to accessories

Stevie Wonder has a new truck. He bought it a week or so ago. I thought he'd settle into having all the bells and whistles you can stuff into a truck. And just enjoy having a nice, dependable ride.

I was wrong. It started a fever that I fear is incurable. The accessory disease. So far in two weeks we have acquired the following indispensable accessories for the new truck:

1. A tool box- one of those huge things that sit behind the back window and lay across the truck bed. Most you see are silver. It was an agonizing decision for him. He finally decided on a black tool box, because he thought the truck would look its best with it.
2. A new car vacuum- and not just any car vacuum. A Black and Decker. Any of you Black and Decker fans know that is the best. And of course it was what the truck needed.
3. A video camera- yep, you got it, a video camera. So when he backs up, he can make sure he doesn't run over the dogs.

I didn't bother to tell him that the dogs wouldn't get within fifteen feet of him when he is backing up.

He made sure I didn't feel left out though. I got a new iPhone the same weekend he got his new truck. And a cast iron griddle for the stove.

I love the phone. But I still won't cook.


  1. I want you to cook me something on the griddle when I come back there! lol xoxo

  2. Those boys and their toys! And the older they get, the bigger the bling! At least you got something out of the deal! LOL

  3. Oh my goodness - in that top picture he looks like a little boy with a new toy! Boys (little AND big) love pancakes cooked on cast iron griddles. ;)

  4. @Anonymous I'll cook on the griddle the day you get here. :D

  5. @dgili84 yes and I love my iPhone as much as he loves his truck! :D