Tuesday, October 11, 2011

no words

Tonight, there are no words. My mind craves solitude. Rest. A refill of energy and inspiration. Do you ever find this happening to your creative energy, that it is sucked dry by life's daily routine? So tonight, I rest.

And offer a simple sketch.

Tomorrow, I hope there will be renewed energy. A return of exuberant sharing.


  1. Yes I do and then I walk away..Take care

  2. I hope you feel better and refreshed soon. Be patient with yourself if it takes more time. It will be ok. xox

  3. @Savira Gupta and I am amazed at what a couple good nights' sleep can do to revive me. :) thanks

  4. @sweepyjean thanks Adriene, I appreciate that thought. This has been an unusually busy month for me so far, and it's been a struggle to keep up at times. I'll get there though, I always do. :D xo