Saturday, October 1, 2011

between generations

It is time to take up another challenge.  I have tried before and been unable to complete two previous NaBloPoMo monthly prompts, because life got in the way of blogging.  Life does tend to do that with me.  I am clicking along, all things (or a majority of things) in my life under control and easy peasy manageable.  Then boom, something comes up and control goes out the window.

I often feel caught between things in my life.  Caught between decisions.  Caught between people.  Caught between where to be first, or who to be with, or just plain caught.  It isn't a good feeling for someone who loves to feel in control.  I am not obsessive about it, but I don't like surprises.  Because then I have to make decisions.  Which usually means I am caught between two choices again.

Something happened the other day that made me realize we all get caught between things sometimes.  How we react is often the measure of our humanity. 

An older gentleman had attempted to cross the street in one of those riding chairs that can turn in complete circles and maneuver anywhere.  Only this chair didn't do too well, because it threw the old gentleman out into the street, his chair on its side, leaving him sprawled in the gutter with his belongings around him. 

We were running late, but I gasped when I saw him and while I was looking out the side window, Steve was slowing our car down, preparing to stop and help the disabled man.  Then we looked around and watched in wonder as a young man came sprinting across the street through traffic and reached down to help the old man.  Then another young man arrived right behind him, also sprinting through traffic.  As we watched, we saw 6 more young men come sprinting from different directions across the street, straight over to the old gentleman.  They surrounded him, and we watched as they gently helped him up and righted his mobile chair.  As we passed by, I asked Steve if I should go check him out because I was a nurse, but Steve said he could see him laughing and talking to those young men as they helped him up, and that he was ok.

With all the hate around us, all the prejudice and meanness in the world, all the death and destruction, I witnessed a random act of human kindness by not one, but many people, all working together to help someone less fortunate than they were.  A random act of respect and caring between two generations.  An act of love toward someone less fortunate, that left me feeling that the world was a bit better for having those young men in it.  We were privileged to get to witness this.  Steve and I were overwhelmed for a few minutes by the emotion of the moment, and I could hear the wonder I was feeling in Steve's voice as he told me how amazed he was to see so many young men respond so quickly.

I hope you will take the few minutes it may take out of your day to read this, and share it.  Life isn't only about being caught between decisions.  Life is also about stepping out from in between, and making a difference in someone's life.

One random act.  Giving flight to hope.  Creating a moment of happiness and wonder.  Kindness between two generations.

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