Monday, October 17, 2011

confession: climbing in trucks with boys

This past weekend we became the proud new owners of a 4 wheel drive truck. Or I should say, Stevie Wonder became the proud new owner. I just went along for the ride. Literally. I learned a few things along the way about climbing into a 4WD truck.

1. They sit high.  Like a skyscraper.  This is so you can drive through mud, and small rivers. The distance between the ground and the inside of the truck is exactly 6 inches higher than the length of your leg from your foot to your hip.
2. They have running boards to add back those six inches you lost from your leg so you can get inside.
3. The running board is useless without the handle on the inside of the ceiling near the door. The handle enables you to have something to hold onto so you don't pitch backward climbing on the running board (that added 6 inches to your leg) so you can get into the truck.
4. If you don't grab the handle before you step onto the running board, you end up back at #1.
5. When all else fails, throw yourself in face first, belly down, and crawl inside.

I'll let you know when I figure out what to do once I'm in the truck. I'm still working on making a graceful entry.

~cath xo
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  1. You are such a sweet nut!

  2. What about some big platform shoes? That'd give you some advantage. I bet Elton John didn't have a problem getting into trucks in 1970 :)

  3. I always thought those trucks "sit high" because of the owner's inferiority complex! Good to know there is a practical reason. Remember--pencil skirts and high-sitting trucks are not compatible :). Take care! K

  4. Cath, absolutely great post, as I am reading it Chica, my dog, is looking at me with a worried look: what is she doing laughing out loud looking at her laptop?
    Imagine my mother at 87 having to climb into a Defender (a friend's toy), lest getting out again. We solved that by lifting her out of that contraption and setting her down rather ungently as we were all laughing.
    Those SUVs are great (I used to think like Karen) and I got one in September (have to find out the height difference of my leg's length and the car's floor), makes smooth riding on dirt roads without ripping out the car's guts or whatever they are called.
    Thanks for sharing, Barbara

  5. @Anonymous thanks sister, the nut doesn't fall far from the tree!

  6. @I've Become My Parents Elton John may love his platforms, but I've had some spectacular falls over the years because of my shoes. :D. Maybe I should carry a stepstool in my purse.:D

  7. @Karen if I wore a pencil skirt I'd have to do a belly flop for sure. That first comment sounded just like a psych person would think, and I totally agree. Except Stevie is the exception, he has no inferior feelings about anything.:D

  8. @Barbara I can visualize anything, and the image of your mother in an SUV is cracking me up Barbara! And I think car's guts is an apt description. Thanks for your comment! :D