Monday, October 3, 2011

the mood between

My post tonight isn't much. I am packing, getting ready to return home tomorrow. Usually returning home is not a problem, because I tend to be a forward thinker, and don't believe in dwelling too much on what is behind me. I live in the moment, the best way to experience life, because if you aren't living in the moment, you are missing the important stuff. The stuff of life. I've had some wonderful adventures this past week or so, and some wonderful time with my sisters. Memories to tuck away, and savor on a quiet day.

But suddenly today I am a bit melancholy at the thought of parting from my sisters and family. I am a bit more introspective and sad about it than I normally am, thinking about how fast life is passing.

Then I look up and see my sister Vix holding my bra up that just came out of the dryer and saying "what a bombshell I'd be if I had tatas like this", and poof just like that, the mood's gone. Lifted. I'm laughing at her, and thinking "screw being sad, you only go around once in life. I want to go out laughing."

Then I look up at her again, and she has my bra on her head and resembles a Viking wearing a helmet. A too big helmet that makes her look like a peabrain.

It's time to hide the wine. And remove my bra from Vix's head.

Where's Dooj? Trying to order cookie dough online on her cellphone, from her granddaughter's school fundraiser, and having an epic fail. And cussing me and bra-head for laughing at her.

Life is good. :D
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