Sunday, October 16, 2011

high on my iPhone ...4S

Miller Steam Plant from the Blazer window

Yesterday was my first outting with the iPhone 4S.  It was a day of emotional highs for me...the phone (of course) and the excitement of a new piece of technology lying in my hot little hand, rarin' to go.  But there were a lot of other things goin' on too.

There was the fun of seeing Dunc playing flag football (Maddie's team didn't play so she didn't get to cheer, but sat on the sidelines with the family snackin' and watchin' the action).  You may be getting tired of hearing me talk about football and six year olds...the football ends in three weeks...and I won't be slamming you with any more football photos...but the six year olds are here to stay, so don't get your drawers in too big a wad about it.  


 Then after the game was over, Steve and I went to the place.  He had scoped out a truck early last week, and thought about it for a few days (actually he's been looking and thinking for a year), all the pros and cons.  And then decided yes he would.  Buy a truck that off we went to do the deed.  After the deed, we did dinner.  With Wretch.  She was the first person to ride in the back seat.  It was nice.  More than nice.  That thing rides like a Cadillac.  American made, supporting American jobs, which made me happy.

breakin' in the dash

On the way home I did what I always do when Steve is driving.  I kicked back, threw my feet on the dash, and watched the sky through that big-ass windshield and side window.  It was awesome.  Normally I would have slept.  But I was too wound up to do that.

And my trusty little iPhone captured it all.

This is a hedonistic post.  But oh well, life is good right now, if somewhat hectic, and all is right in my world.  So just share my joy.  And my first photos with the iPhone 4S (I know, I have to relearn how to use a camera all over again...)  If you feel like judgin', then honey, you aren't gettin' the point.  :D
stairwell at the restaurant from my seat

~cath xo
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